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We are Protectors of Tyria, a casual PvE/PvP/WvW community guild. Our goal as a guild is to provide the most enjoyable Guild Wars 2 experience from the day of launch for years to come. We believe that a solid community is more important than numbers, yet we realize how active members make a difference. With a name like Protectors of Tyria, we will do our best to uphold and build our legacy of protecting the corrupted lands of Tyria.

So join us; Protector.


Starting Over

Much like the Pale Tree; all things take time to grow. It's time to move in a new direction
Raylenn / Aug 24, 2013
Hey Protectors!

Just a heads up, tonight I will be reworking the entire website from ground up. My goal here is to give the page an entirely new look, and giving the page a better sense of activity. This weekend is a great time to recruit because of the free trial. I am going to be dedicating the entirety of this next week to recruiting new members, and then starting next Sunday I will be releasing weekly updates on the new webpage to keep the ball rolling. Once our player base returns, we can start coordinating a lot of events like we used to. So I hope you guys are excited as I am, as well as dedicated. It's a new year for guild wars, and I'm ready to put my all back into this.

Also, leadership positions are still available for anyone who is interested in helping.